Min Yoon, MA, RSMT

Somatic Therapist & Conflict Facilitator 

Available internationally online and in-person in Berlin, in English

my approach

Hello, I hope to share curiosity and the deep kind of joy at the edges of moving through what is challenging, what is agonizing.

I’m a somatic therapist certified by ISMETA and a conflict facilitator working with individuals, couples, and groups. I support clients in exploring what they know, then to creatively explore perspectives and possibilities to find deeper and different kinds of knowledge and awareness with challenges and conflicts. In our sessions, we may explore creativity through natural movement and art, dreams and myths, and methods of questioning.

In my life, I was searching to connect my mind and body, and make sense of what is happening within myself to the surrounding relationships and systemic issues — which led me to the lenses of Process Work and Somatic Expressive Arts.

Process Work is a modality where Arnold Mindell applied Jungian transpersonal, depth psychology to work with innerwork, body symptoms, altered states of consciousness, and organizations and groups. Where many psychological and medical paths may be looking at one area of the person and the world, Process Work opens and connects different aspects of individuals, relationships, groups and systems toward deeper meaning and a sense of connected and moving flow in life and of existence.

"People have a need to feel their pain. Very often pain is the beginning of a great deal of awareness.” - Arnold Mindell

Somatic movement brings together how we sense the physical, emotional, and mental states. At times, the body can speak what is unspeakable with the mind. Somatic movement therapy can uncover new expressions of the self and integrate what is internal to how we show up in life. I hold a creative and safe space for exploring imaginations, dreams, and symbols in connection with the body with its sensations, symptoms and illnesses - to identify patterns and new possibilities and resources.

I integrate my experiences as a professional dance artist with The Tamalpa Life/Art Process (TLAP), an intermodal arts approach that supports the development of creative resources, artful communication, and embodied presence.
With couples and groups, I hold space for deep listening and communication. Conflicts can be the starting place for getting to know one another and what you create together more deeply. We may unravel situational and past challenges, rank, power, privilege, new ways to express and communicate, and how to work and move together.
With compassion for all voices, I am committed to understanding and affirming intersectional aspects of social and political, including different kinds of marginalized identities and collectively growing from the challenges of discrimination, injustice, privilege, and power.

I have supported clients with finding meaning in their lives, depression, trauma, chronic physical symptoms, altered and extreme states, embodied leadership, expression, creativity, communication, inner critics, living your values, as well as relationship / systemic challenges.

relevant experience

Min works with challenging questions, emotions, and symptoms through reflecting on perspectives, paradigms, and systems and finding new possibilities with creativity.

Min lives their life’s questions toward finding meaning, support, sustainability, communities, creativity, change, and transformation - at the personal, relational, and systemic levels.

Some chapters have included studying existential philosophy and aesthetics at UC Berkeley | research with foundations, hospitals, and schools on strategy and change | designing rituals for an interfaith spiritual community | directing and performing as part of artistic productions | facilitating experimental dialogues and live, social games | meditating and dancing as a way of knowing.

Min has spoken and taught with non-profit and for-profit organizations, community mental health institution in Finland, interfaith and spiritual communities, Felt Sense Conference, Immersive Design Summit, and various theaters, art centers, and schools internationally, to name a few.


MA, Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies at Process Work Institute

ArtCorps Scholar in Somatic Expressive Arts at Tamalpa Institute co-founded by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin

RSMT / RSDE Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator at The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA)

Internship at River’s Way Clinic

Teacher at Process Work Center of Hawai’i, Felt Sense Conference, artistic theaters and somatic institutes

Dancer at Jinen Butoh School

BA, Rhetoric and existential Philosophy at University of California, Berkeley

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In change is rest.